Are You Ready
for a New Life?

Your Breakthrough Awaits

First things first, there is nothing wrong with the one that you have. Consider it to be the starting line of a marathon. You’ve only been in training thus far and now you’re ready to take off. Get ready, get set…GO!

YOU are the master of your destiny. Every step that you take from here on out will be in an effort to redirect your life. You may have veered off of the path or perhaps stayed in the middle of it from fear of making a mistake. Let me tell you, mistakes are only lessons to be learned. They are character building. All that matters is what you do with the knowledge you obtain from these stumbling blocks.

As your life coach I will be one of your biggest advocates. I will fight for you as long as you are willing to fight for yourself. I will be your cheerleader as long as you keep those pompoms in the air. I’ll also be that person that will push you when you feel like giving up because the things that you want to accomplish, the goals that you will set, will be so personal to you that you won’t - you cannot - let yourself down.

Goal setting is just one of the keys to success. The most important aspect is YOU. Are you really ready to put in the work in order to ensure real and lasting change in your life? Are you really ready to kick down all of the walls you’ve put up which are holding you back? YOU have all of the power. It’s about time that you use it…

The Coaching Process

How It Works
  1. Free Consultation: You will complete a questionnaire and from your responses we will discuss what it is that you are looking for with life coaching and the options that are available via my services.
  2. Once an agreement has been reached we will begin the process of determining the specific goals that you would like to accomplish and strategize together how we can check each item off of the list. There will be deadlines and expected items for your development to be met and completed along the way. Yes, I give out homework assignments. Brace yourself!
  3. You will take the lead. This process is all about you and your commitment to REAL change. How far you go is up to you!

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Easy Start

4 hours of coaching
Pre-coaching Conversation
4 coaching sessions
Final Conversation

Good Choice

12 hours of coaching
Pre-coaching Conversation
5 coaching sessions
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Big Change

25 hours of coaching
Pre-coaching Conversation
10 coaching sessions
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